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30. May. 2018. // Team Kingsland

Founded with passion

Founded in 1999 and grown to become a leading supplier of equestrian equipment all over the world.

From the beginning, the dream was big and the steps were small, Kingsland has now taken huge leaps into the equestrian world, delivering top quality products and technical materials that satisfy the most demanding rider.

Equally important is that we as a company have taken the vital and required steps to meet the global demands of sustainability, innovation, evolution and development.

Developed with passion

We make no compromise on product quality, and we see to that no harm comes to people or animals involved in our products or production.

Achieved by on site control by our Quality Controllers or team members from our Head Office -several times a year. For all orders, every manufacturer is required to fulfill Kingsland’s Trading Terms “Code of Conduct”, which describes Kingsland’s quality standard. All which are in compliance with - or even stricter than present laws and regulations.

Awareness with passion

In 2018 we move into environmental awareness as we launch our Earth Program; We also commit ourselves to consciousness through all parts of the business.

As part of the bigger picture we want to be leaders and protagonists regarding the issues of plastic contaminating the world, its oceans and its living beings! We will take our share of responsibility and work tirelessly to maintain our planet for the next generations.

Made with passion

At Kingsland, we are living the traditions of the equestrian world. The unique lifestyle surrounded by our beloved horses is so captivating that it becomes without a doubt an important part of who we are. We always keep this in mind as we honor the classic equestrian style, season after season, with high quality materials and exclusive designs for all equine devotees and their magnificent horses. Without the individual motivation and strong team spirit that moves this industry, it would in fact never have reached the great success it has per today. Inspired by these eventful agendas, Kingsland endeavors to develop and adapt its collections to this unique lifestyle.

We are Kingsland Equestrian, and we do it with passion for the rider, the horse, the people and the world.



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