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27. Mar. 2017. // Kingsland Team


When first initiating this Show Jacket project, we sat down and decided on important parameters of which should be the values behind developing an ultimate product. These factors has become the foundation for all pieces in the Kingsland MASTER Collection that we now proudly present. Everyone who has spent some time on a horse back knows how essential fitting and function of the garment is. Moreover, especially at the moment when everything counts, -at the show! Of course, the garment itself should be attractive, but the cut must emphasize the posture and flatter the look of the competition rider.

A Show Jacket should not prevent the athlete’s movements, but in opposite - allow full flexibility with highly technical, stretchy materials. All fabrics in this MASTER Collection are from well-known European weavers and are four-way stretch. Add water-resistant surface, quick dry function, moisture management and max breathability, -this high quality Softshell fabric is top-notch. The jackets has a soft Mesh-lining to give an additional comfort feeling. This allows the airflow between jacket and body to circulate.

Kingsland Master

Under the heading “Made in Europe” we have found a perfect partner in one of the highest-levelled textile factories in Europe. All fabrics, as well as all accessories such as buttons, eyelets, logo plaques, labels, etc., have all been individually developed with the best European suppliers. All collars are made in Alcantara stretch. Off course, the garment patterns and all designs have been made in Europe as well.

The design signature can be recognized in the combination of sophisticated selected and developed details as well as in the progressive style lines. For instance, the innovative MASTER Sporty Show Jackets has a dynamic design and matching sprayed-dyed logo buttons and embossed logo-insert at the collar.

Further on, there are show jackets in classical design with elegant, timeless design and details of interest at pocket flaps and collar solutions. The dressage athletes are perfectly dressed in tailcoats with new and exciting collar shapes, logo-buttons as beautiful as jewellery and Swarovski decoration. An exciting new cross-discipline jacket for women with a delicate collar where black Swarovski-stones are sparkling and black enamelled buttons make the ultimate look.

-Every design and detail exclusively created for the Kingsland MASTER Collection!

There are three themes. SPORTY, ELEGANT and DRESSAGE. –All “smoking hot jackets” as our Kingsland Sales Manager, would have said. Common for them all, are the high qualities and features, like 4-way stretch, water repellent surface, moisture management, fully breathable, easy treatment & quick dry. Details like KL Master 3D print, metal eyelets for ventilation under sleeves and spray dyed buttons as well as KL Master metal plate on lower left sleeve adds the perfect touch. -And when we tell you that you can wash it in the machine using gentle cycle on 30°c, -we are out of superlatives! 

The high-gage knitted softshell fabric has a sporty and technical hand feel. The fabric is comfortable and resistant with a stabile construction. The design is cool and new, with black insert details in sides and on sleeves. We have used original Alcantara fabric on the collar and added an embossed logo on back neck. The pockets has taped zippers.

Kingsland Master Sporty Show Jackets

SILA Master ladies sporty show jacket (KLCM-SJ-920) is available sizes 32 – 44 and comes in the colours: 316 Red, 270 Blue, 020 Navy & 090 Black, -all with 090 Black inserts and collar. 

SAMSON Master men’s sporty show jacket (KLCM-SJ-924) is available sizes 44 – 54 and comes in the colours 020 Navy & 090 Black, -both with 090 Black inserts and collar.

Kingsland Master Elvira Show Jacket

ELVIRA MASTER LADIES ELEGANT SHOW JACKET and EMESTO MASTER MENS ELEGANT SHOW JACKET are the two first jackets in the ELEGANT theme. The design on these jackets are more chic and sophisticated compare to the SPORTY jackets. This makes them useable for both the show jumping and dressage arena. ELVIRA (ladies) has decorative stitching in waist and on shoulders, metal piping around collar and again, original Alcantara on the collar. For men, our designer has taken away the metal piping but added Alcantara details also on the pocket flaps.

ELVIRA Master ladies Elegant show jacket (KLCM-SJ-921) is available sizes 32 – 44 and comes in 020 Navy & 090 Black.

EMESTO Master men’s Elegant show jacket (KLCM-SJ-925) comes in sizes 44 – 54 and colours 020 Navy & 090 Black.

Kingsland Master Fairen Show Jacket

The last jacket in the ELEGANT theme is the attractive and stylish FAIREN MASTER LADIES FEMININE SHOW JACKET. The bonded superfine Denier woven fabric with silky sophisticated hand feel is a comfortable, lightweight and strong fabric. The fabric on this elegant, feminine jacket has the same, high technological features as the on previous items. It was originally designed as a Dressage jacket, but when the show jumping- women in the office saw the jacket, we all agreed that also this is a cross-discipline jacket for the ones who would like to stand out in the crowd.

Alcantara fabric is again used on the collar, -a standing collar that gives this jacket an outstanding design and appearance. Swarovski crystals sparkles along the collar edge.

FAIREN Master ladies feminine show jacket (KLCM-SJ-922) is available in sizes 32 – 44 and colours 020 Navy & 090 Black.

Kingsland Master Tailcoats

This leaves only the fantastic Tailcoats in the DRESSAGE theme.
The first thing you notice with the DEVICA MASTER LADIES TAILCOAT, is the amazing, high, crystal-button-down, beige Alcantara collar. Wow! What a grand and majestic look! The beige Alcantara vest points a reversible, with Swarovski crystals. The inverted side of the vest points are in plain Alcantara. Crystal buttons on collar, front and sleeves gives the extra touch to this stunning coat!

DONAHUE MASTER MENS TAILCOAT, is an outstanding coat for the male Grand Prix riders.  With black Alcantara on collar and vest point, and spray-dyed buttons, riders wearing this coat will feel the quality and, hopefully convert that feeling in to the show ring. The fabric used on both the tailcoats is the bonded superfine Denier woven fabric as on Fairen and Devica.

DEVICA Master ladies tailcoat (KLCM-SJ-923) is produced in sizes 32 – 44 whilst the DONAHUE Master men’s tailcoat (KLCM-SJ-926) comes in the size range 44 – 54. Both tailcoats are available in 020 Navy and 090 Black.


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