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23. Nov. 2016. // Kingsland Team

Many horses struggle with back problems for various reasons. Maybe an injury or a not perfectly fitted saddle can create unfavourable pressure points on the back. This pad is unique in its construction, giving the possibility to achieve a more even pressure distribution when placed between the saddle and the traditional saddle pad. It is the first pad taking both the weight of the rider as well as discipline in consideration. -It does make sense that riders indifferent weight class needs different pressure reduction.

Equal Pressure Distribution

The complex structure of the ZenXit material efficiently distributes the peak pressure points over a wider area, which results in an optimal impact reduction. The impact absorbing qualities of the pad act as an equalizer, balancing out the weight applied to the horses back. This reduces the load by up to 10%.

The fibres in the pad are capable of handling heavy loads without loosing their cushioning effect. This ensures that the horse feels relief while still feeling the rider’s signals in the saddle.

Freedom for the spine

A mesh fabric bridge binds the lateral panels, assuring equal pressure on both sides without interfering with the horse’s spine and withers. This feature is commonly forgotten in other types of quality pads.

Ventilation, fitting and hygiene

When the pad is compressed and decompressed, air flows through the pad, thus cooling down the target area. Another important factor is the strong antifriction layers embedded in the Relief Pad that insure that the panels stay fixed during activity. A silicone grip design also prevents the pad from changing its position under the saddle.

The lightweight material composition makes the fibres bacteria inhibiting, resulting in better hygiene. The pad can easily be disassembled, making it easy to keep clean and the cover itself is machine washable on 30°c.

Even though we are firm believers that the saddle should always be fitted for the horse, the Kingsland Relief Pad will give relief without interfering with the saddle fitting. And when it comes to our horses, their comfort is the most important for their wellbeing and performance. No matter what level you are on!

Check out this video 

To find out what density that fits your weight and discipline, take a look at the chart below!


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