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22. Oct. 2017. // Team Kingsland

Who can relate?

Winter has come. You leave home in your breeches, you are going riding. Outside its 0 degrees, snow is everywhere. The moment your feet hits the ground you start feeling your toes going numb and the skin on your thighs freeze.

As we become aware of this "problem", we take precautions and equip ourselves in big winter boots with thick wool socks and some of us even own big winter pants and even bigger winter coats to keep warm. Effective? YES! But certainly not providing a feeling of freedom of movement. Plus, you end up looking like the good, old Michelin Man!

When you mount your horse to go riding, you need to take all of this off. It isn’t easy to ride around dressed in heavy clothing, and after five minutes of warming up you will feel like its Club Tropicana beneath your winter jacket. And then you get cold.

What you need to think about, to stay comfortable and warm, is to wear clothing underneath that transports moisture away from your body all the while retaining the heat. Sounds complicated, but its really not. Wool and wool mixes will do the trick, easy as that.

We are not saying we have the miracle cure, or the one thing that will save you from getting cold at all this winter. But still… We would state that this is as close as you´ll get!!

Our new Smart Layer will fit perfectly underneath your riding tights, your white competition breeches (they come in both colours black and nude) as well as your regular breeches. Wool-mix on feet and thighs that wont pinch or itch.

And if you make sure to wear a technical training shirt below a light fleece or wool sweater, you wont die from heat stroke while your trainer yells at you or get cold after when you are finished riding.

Do you want to win a pair? Make sure you tune in to our Facebook page tomorrow, a GIVEAWAY is coming up!

Check out the video below, and if you want to learn more about sizes and colours available click on the links above.

 Don’t let your horse go through another winter looking like it’s carrying around the Michelin Man!!

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