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Kingsland Summer Collection 2018

Kingsland Summer Collection 2018

26. Jan. 2018. // Team Kingsland

Lets go sailing! Just as it's time to embark on a new season, we focus our past experiences and channel them into new energy so that we are prepared for what summer might bring.

Before diving into a new season with competitions and world travels, take a short break with us as we set sails on the Adriatic Sea outside the buzzing city of Split, Croatia. Where friends meet up to gain new strangth from warmth of the sun in the glimmering waves, as the sun sets in the horizon. 

Joining us in this shoot was our Kingsland riders; Dominic Webb, Julia Tops, Semmieke Rothenberger and Leopold van Asten


Styles: 181-KN-328 | 181-PT-333 | 181-BRKG-354 | 181-SW-323 | 181-BRKG-354 | 181-SS-339 | 181-BW-308

Styles: 181-BRKG-358 | 181-SF-312 | 181-SS-338 | 181-SW-323 | 181-BRKG-355


Styles: Red and blue jacket 181-OW-302 |caps: 181-HC-364 and 181-HC-390 | Fleece; 181-SF-313 and 181-SF-317 | Polo shirt: 181-PT-332 | Raincoat: 181-RW-307 | Sweater: 181-SW-321


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