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Kingsland Relief Pad

A unique piece designed to be placed between the saddle and the traditional saddle pad to achieve even pressure distribution.

Treating more than just the specific stress points, the effectiveness is proved to operate throughout the entire pad. The new lightweight padding material is not only exceptionally flexible, but also highly breathable, 100% recyclable, resistant to bacteria, water-repellant and cleanable, yet at the same time dimensionally stable and supports the horses back comfortably during all types of exercise. It also has heat dissipating properties which keeps the temperature under the saddle optimal. ZenXit® consists of highly elastic and flexible co-polyester fibers that are extruded in a three-dimensional net structure. The pads can be varied in density, allowing the material to take on different properties fitting each individual after their needs. We believe immensely in this artifact, seeing the test results and reviewing the feedback from major actors in the equestrian world states that the ZenXit® Kingsland Relief Pad is highly efficient and made to give the horse and rider a better experience together while doing what they do best.

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