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Social Commitments

Social Commitments  

Focus on dignified conditions for workers, the environment and animal welfare is a priority with us.

We keep a continuously eye on our manufacturers and make sure they meet our strict requirements, both for employees and the environment. One of our demands among other things is that they must be ISO certified. Kingsland has our own Quality Controllers (QC), which means that we control all production with our own people, regularly throughout the year. We do not use a third party for these assignments, which is normal in the industry.

As a principle, Kingsland will never produce our products in so-called "low cost manufacturing areas," such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam etc., precisely because it is difficult to conduct a proper control in these countries. Our customers can always check where our garments are produced on the product label.

Kingsland strives to only use packaging that are recyclable, and to never use unnecessary wrapping.  Our producers can only use transparent polybags with self-adhesive closing so it can be opened and reclosed. The bags must be made of polytelen (PE) or polypropylene (PP) marked with recycling symbols.

We have also stopped using silica gel for anti-mold/ moisture protection and now uses a natural product that has the same function.

Animal wellfare:
Kingsland as a company feels that we do our outmost to take our share of responsibility regarding animal welfare. To underline this, we took a stand back in 2012 to never use real fur on our products, despite that fact that we at all times only had used certified fur. Further, we will randomly ask for a wide range of certificates and veterinarian reports, to follow up on our suppliers of down. 

Kingsland want to be an innovator and trendsetter, not only when it comes to the quality and design of our products, but also on matters that are not seen by the naked eye of the customer. All written above also reflects on the prices for a Kingsland product. It is costly to operate fairly and properly, but we have made a stand to stick by our principles! 


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KAITLYN ladies J-TEC2 tights with knee grip.
999,00 NOK
Cornell Ladies J-TEC2 Knee Grip Tights
999,00 NOK
ESSEN saddle pad with Coolmax lining.
799,00 NOK
HAYLE ladies show jacket in Softshell.
3.299,00 NOK
Classic Unisex Sweat Jacket
799,00 NOK
LILLESAND ladies V-neck polo t-shirt.
399,00 NOK
TERMINE ladies polo pique shirt.
699,00 NOK
CIGOLETTA ladies light down jacket.
1.999,00 NOK
LEIPZIG ladies knitted V-neck sweater.
949,00 NOK
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