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Master Collection

Master Collection

05. Jul. 2017. // Madeleine Kjelling

Our design team are constantly developing new designs and products and are always trying to be innovative in the way Kingsland thinks about the appearance for our equestrian sport and lifestyle.

You may have noticed our new line of show jackets; the Master Collection?

These incredible jackets are, in our opinion, the most delicate, well manufactured, stylish, technical and yet easy to maintain, show jackets. And they will meet each riders different wishes when it comes to fitting, durability and looks. 


Over the course of the next weeks we will take a further dive into the details of the different jackets. In addition we will also provide you with our riders and ambassadors honest reviews.

We are hoping this may help you in choosing the right show jacket for yourself to match your needs.

Also we will provide a list over the different shops around the world where the jackets can be purchased.

First of all, if you haven’t seen the technical detailed video, take a look at it HERE

To see and shop our Master Collection online, click HERE


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